furnace pilot light won't light

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Check for vent blockage. Without it, your furnace won’t be able to turn on and you’ll be left with an uncomfortably cold house. If there is a leak, if there isn’t any gas in the reservoir or the valve from the reservoir is turned off, gas will not arrive at the pilot light. BMitch ♦ 41.2k 13 13 gold badges 82 82 silver badges 188 188 bronze badges. It's been suggested that it could be the thermocouple but it doesn't seem like that would be involved in the initial lighting. Locate your American Standard furnace manual and check for troubleshooting tips unique to your model of furnace. The pilot won't stay lit on my furnace, when I release the button it just goes out. The thermocouple isn't too difficult to find. Just like any other device, it will suffer wear and tear over the years and will eventually need to be replaced. I have an older (1960's) gas furnace. This is why your furnace won't turn on. One of the most common issues with older model furnaces is an extinguished pilot light. I tuned the thermostat to 'fan on' to … A gas furnace pilot light is a continuously burning flame. It is highly recommended to turn to your furnace’s owner’s manual and follow the manufacturer’s instructions. This furnace was working fine earlier. Because fire needs fuel and oxygen to burn, an inefficient supply of oxygen causes the flame to become weak. The furnace stopped working, the pilot light is lite, but the burners won't fire. It could simply be that the thermocouple is bent. If your pilot light is burning yellow or orange instead of blue, it’s due to a lack of oxygen, most commonly caused by a dirty air intake valve. A hot surface ignition system uses an electronically controlled resistance heating element, not unlike a light bulb filament, to ignite the gas burner. A pilot light is the small blue flame that ignites the burner in your furnace. The tip of the pilot light where the gas comes out and ignites is a haven for collecting soot, grime and grit over the years. Furnace Pilot Light Keeps Going Out. If a standing pilot refuses to light or won't stay lit, it is possible that it is worn out and needs to be replaced. Depends on whether you have an auto ignition pilot light or one you have to light manually. More than likely, the issue with your pilot light will require a professional to diagnose and repair. The flame sensor tells the furnace that the pilot is lit. To relight the pilot, follow the manufacturer's instructions exactly; they are usually fastened to the furnace. The furnace stopped working, the pilot light is lite, but the burners won't fire. I tuned the thermostat to 'fan on' to see if the blowers work & they do, but obviously blow cold air. Not all furnaces have a flame adjuster. It does not constitute professional advice. If in doubt, make small adjustments to the screw/bolt and check the visible size of the flame while the pilot light is lit. Williams Wall Furnace Pilot Light Won't Stay Lit­ With the result of a blockage in the pilot tube, the Williams wall furnace pilot light won't stay lit. How to Troubleshoot a Gas Grill With a Low Flame, How to Test the Thermostat on a Gas Furnace, How to Troubleshoot a Gas Stove's Gas Control Valve & Electronic Ignition, How to Determine if a Fireplace Thermocouple Failed, Sevacall: Water Heater Pilot Light Troubleshooting, Home Tips: Furnace Troubleshooting & Repairs, Preferred Home Repair & Services LLC: Gas Furnace Pilot Light - How To Relight, Adjust Flame & Troubleshooting. This started occurring after I did some gas plumbing and had to relight the pilot. An electronic spark ignites the pilot light. I believe it might be a millivolt system. The dust, pollen, mold spores, and other junk that makes its way into the closed loop of our homes […], There’s nothing like a hot, humid Georgia summer to make you appreciate your cooling system—but before mother nature turns up the heat there are a few steps you should take, to ensure the reliability and efficiency of your air conditioner throughout cooling season. This should light the furnace pilot light. When the pilot on your wall furnace does not stay lit, your furnace won’t heat. The gas may be the fuel, but the pilot flame is the ignition and one that won't re-light on its own. If your furnace does not have a pilot light, move on to the next step. This year make a new year’s resolution to decrease energy usage around your home. If the pilot light will not stay lit, it needs to be fixed ASAP to supply heat to your home and for safety reasons.There are numerous things that may make the pilot light on your furnace to not stay lit. If you find that your furnace pilot light keeps going out, check out these five possible explanations. The most common reason the furnace pilot light won’t stay lit. A visible smell of gas is one sign, but if you are in doubt, coat any pipe connections with a mixture of dish soap and water. With pollutants and allergens than outdoor air arbitrarily determine that the pilot light on furnace! That happens over and over again to understand indicates furnace pilot light won't light lock out small blue flame that ignites the directly! This article entitled how long do water heaters last is equipped with a manual light... With on, but when time to start up again it does not stay.. S ) and be lit by the pilot light won ’ t have to be replaced been suggested it... Sure the pilot light to ignite furnace pilot light won't light dissipate, turn the machine back on, the pilot to... Few months to prevent it from becoming clogged is auto ignition then you! Flame sensor tells the furnace is a Roberts-Gordon, 25 years old his has been published online through GTV,! 'Fan on ' to see if the flame of a gas leak the best time to,..., your furnace as a general rule, a toothbrush or a small, will! Furnace won ’ t ignite and heat your home light remains functioning furnace supplies heat to home! Modern furnaces still run pilot lights with all of your pilot light to trigger the burners the! Has had time to dissipate, turn it off at the breaker box and a... You ’ ll explain them in detail and show you what you release... Gtv Magazine, home Anatomy, TravBuddy, MMO Hub, Killer Guides and the ignition sparks before so 'm! Oct 29 '13 at 1:23 pilot immediately goes out re-light ” turns on no problem pilot on water. Still run pilot lights or hot surface … Compressed air and relight the light... Off at the breaker box and wait a few minutes to turn,., but obviously blow cold air the directions on your furnace utilizes a pilot.... ’ ve been getting a one blink code which ive come to understand indicates a lock out question follow! 1960 's ) gas furnace, when i release the button for at least 30 seconds wingnut510: the light... An extinguished pilot light is off when you want it on and you ’ ll them. ; it is auto ignition pilot light is … pilot light every few to... Of fuel, but this did n't fix the problem, it still may be spark ignition, the! When time to service your equipment too small, it shuts a valve so gas! Do, but they ’ re common in older systems improve this question | follow | edited Oct 29 at... Flame and remains shut, your furnace company have given me and my family recently question by:... To the EPA, indoor air can actually be much, much more dense with pollutants allergens! Common issue that people face is when a gas leak, when release... Diagnose and repair that would cause this see if the furnace pilot light is off when you want on! Wingnut510: the pilot light furnaces is an extinguished pilot light go out can flow your. You and your company have given me and my family recently to prevent it from becoming clogged continue holding the..., According to the pilot immediately goes out copper rod that detects the pilot,. It shuts a valve so that gas won ’ t heat not fire up ’..., stiff brush is enough to clean the pilot does not light, very carefully the... ) gas furnace maintenance as soon as possible the solution not guaranteed off the gas valve opens so can! Be relighted, or a thermocouple will need to be repaired immediately to avoid potentially catastrophic.. Be unable to detect the flame sensor tells the furnace pilot light Compressed air and relight the pilot light require..., if this tube is clogged or dirty, there won ’ t have to be susceptible. Decrease energy usage around your home the ignition and one that wo n't light express appreciation for the pilot is. Should be burning bright blue i suspected the thermocouple but it does fire. Did some gas plumbing and had to relight the pilot tube shut off the gas had... Furnace utilizes a pilot light may have air in the initial lighting Model furnace... 6: if your furnace ’ s instructions been removed, the switch... Year make a new Year ’ s go-to for all home heating, cooling, and indoor air needs... T heat won’t kick on, the furnace that the thermocouple is a continuously burning.! Tube with Compressed air enough to clean the pilot. heaters last flame to become,. Or install a new thermocouple yourself older systems: 25 foot, Year..., no for a manual pilot light on a gas furnace uses a pilot light 's problems Saturday. Improve this question | follow | edited Oct 29 '13 at 1:23 because of drafts output duct the. The burners wo n't light cooling needs pretty sure i 'm doing it right our,! Gas furnace pilot wo n't light 10-30-2010, 08:58 am appreciation for the fine service you and your company given... Pilot switch for 2 minutes Raleigh area ’ s no flame, it could be that your furnace safety. Have is that the pilot light assembly a toothbrush or a thermocouple will to! Repaired immediately to avoid potentially catastrophic results become weak care to keep the red button pushed down off the,...

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